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- click the Play button.
- change the waveform at every time.
- change the beats per minute at every time.
- or use the random beats per minute.
- the displayed keyboard is active to play it manually.

- the sound is generated with the Firefox API.
- the sound generator use the piano key frequencies of equal temperament.
- a random function by a computer is only a pseudo-random function.
- the need for a pseudo-random function is to generate no cognizable pattern.
- the random function generate a color in RGB with a range of 16777216 colors and convert it with the rule of three into a tone with an range of 88.
- the graphic oscillator displayed a color range like spectral color from red to violet.
- the graphic oscillator is displayed in RGB color and shows a converted HSL color converted from the random RGB.

- you are the originator, creator, author, copyright holder, artist of the sound.
- record your sound with an audio editor like audacity.
- play multiple instances (browser-tabs) at the same time.

Further development & Artist Statement

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