Pixelsound – image to audio

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Speed in milliseconds (theoretical): 100  |  Total playback time (calculation per line): -  (HH:MM:SS)

Frequency (Hz): 
Notation (en): 
Notation (de): 

- First: load a image.
- Second: click the Play button.
- there is a moving cursor in the loaded image at the current pixel.
- the pixels from image are reading in a wiggly line (snake line).
- the graphic oscillator is displayed in the current pixel color.
- change the waveform at every time.
- change the speed at every time. (precise: use the cursor on your keyboard).
- use a resize image for shorter total playback time.
- unsharp/blurring images make the sound more harmonious.
- Oscillator color: Pixel to audio = RGB. Keyboard to audio = HSL.
- press on yor keyboard Ctrl+F5 (Strg+F5) to load the webpage completely new.

Further development

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