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Implicit & Explicit OptIn

A minimalistic Cookies disclosure script for implicit and explicit Opt-in on websites and blogs with only Javascript.

A minimalistic Cookies disclosure script for implicit Opt-in with only Javascript and a explicit Opt-in blocking content script with only PHP and Javascript for websites and blogs.

The Cookies disclosure script display a minimalistic div box with a notification and a link to the privacy policy. The div box has a close button, which sets a cookie that keeps the div box closed during the website visit.

The explicit Opt-in script display a blocking content webpage and no more content. The blocking content webpage contains a notification and a OK button, which sets a cookie that keeps the blocking content webpage never display during the website visit. It is possible to insert the privacy policy and more into the blocking content webpage. The blocking content webpage it's a separate content under the same URL as the real content. There is a pass-through feature for Search Robots, Webcrawler and Spider.

You can design all CSS and text yourself.
The associated Opt-In scripts are active on the webpages.

In addition, a Google Analytics Optout script is offered and a tutorial for Wordpress.

OptOut Scripts

Matomo (Piwik) OptOut and Google Analytics OptOut
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